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About us

We are a study of game creators in which we have a lot of senior profiles of the audiovisual sector. This is our first table game that comes to the conventional market, but we have a lot of experience as a consultant in gamification of companies and advertising campaigns.

Ramón Redondo

Game Designer & illustrator

This is me in the nineties, watching my uncle shoot the first BUGGIE. I’ve been playing all my life. I love videogames and tabletop games… since I played the first Star Crusade all board games seemed like ways the author spoke to me, bringing me in. Today, I work as a Creative Director of a large full-service agency, with clients like Adidas, Samsung or Puig. I bring gamification to all our ad projects. This game is one my post personal works, a way to let my imagination run wild and tell a story.

Irene Tremblay

Operations Manager

In the nineties I was completely immersed in music and film. But as you can see from the photo, I was more of a nerd than a cool-kid rocker. Can I blame computers? The Internet became my world when we were both super-young. So I ended up working at websites and then as a User Experience Designer at tech firms. I love games with great artwork and intuitive rules, which are also my favorite things about POWERUP.